Murrieta Talk: CarMax Delivers Again To First Time Buyer

CarMax, Murrieta –

It was Jada Harris’ 2nd trip to the super store (CarMax) in Murrieta, on her first trip she was greeted by a female representative named Sol, the greeting was extremely comfortable, so comfortable she felt at home and at ease, after all this was going to be her first purchase of a vehicle through a dealership.

Though there were so many cars to choose from, time was running late so she decided to come back the following day where she met another representative named Sam (Sol was off that day) after a many test drives of different vehicles and back and forths on choosing which vehicle to buy, Sam never once complained about the numerous test drives, he would have allowed Harris to test drive as many cars as she wanted and Sam always had a smile and made Harris feel comfortable and never once pressured.

In fact after the car was chosen Sam went out of his way above and beyond in making Jada Harris car purchase experience memorable by having a bow placed on the vehicle.

Accompanied by her Mother it was an experience that neither two will forget, in the end Jada intends to refer a many of her friends to go visit Sam at CarMax she not only bought a car from there but found a place that she can trust.

Congratulations Jada on your first purchase….

Jerry –

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